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 Hydraulic Pumps


Convert the forces of nature into working force!


 Hydraulics is used in all Sygma pumps. Using the forces of nature simplifies maintenance and service of your machines.

Sygma pumps have a functional design to withstand rough handling in harsh environments. They can be used in many different applications & industries. The pumps can be used with all hydraulic tools and cylinders in the Sygma’s product range.

We are happy to tailor the hydraulic pumps to our customers' needs, thus providing flexible and cost effective solutions.

Our designs are based on long experience within the field of hydraulics. The results are pumps that are easy to operate, repair and service - saving time and money for our customers! The life expectancy of Sygma products leads the market. Our pumps provide power that last for generations!

Should you be unable to find a pump to suit your requirement in the following series and table, please contact us to discuss your application in detail.

Sygma’s different pump series:

  • PH-series - Single stage hydraulic hand pumps
  • PHS-series - Two stage hydraulic hand pumps
  • PME-series - Electrically powered hydraulic pumps
  • PMP-series - Petrol powered hydraulic pumps
  • PP-series - Air hydraulic pumps

The Hydraulic Pumps Product Range:








Customizable options  




Sygma™ Custom Product Development Services

At Sygma™, you’ve found the ideal destination for tailored product development. Our expert engineers meticulously identify your needs and specifications, conducting thorough analysis before crafting a product design that precisely aligns with your expectations.

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