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 Legacy Series


The Game Changers

Solution for Robust, Precise, and Versatile Portable Milling

The Sygma™  Legacy Series  redefines portable milling with its robust, precise, and versatile machines. Featuring a modular design, they effortlessly handle various milling tasks, from linear to gantry milling. With models tailored for different needs, including precision, reliability, and heavy-duty operations, the Legacy Series offers unmatched adaptability and performance. The Legacy EOS machines further elevate milling capabilities with high precision and reliability across a range of machining tasks. In summary, the Legacy Series sets a new standard for portable milling, providing technicians with cost-effective solutions for superior performance.

The Legacy Product Range:


  Heavy-Duty Milling Models

Built with heavy dovetail slides, HDM models provide unmatched precision and stability for all heavy-duty operations.

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Enhanced Operational Systems

Featuring advanced technology and automation, EOS ensure maximum efficiency and ease of use for high-tech production environments.

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Steady and Reliable Models 

Designed with linear guides and pre-loaded spindles, MM models are reliable and expandable, ideal for everyday milling needs.

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Precision and Adaptability Models

Compact and lightweight, the PPM models offer exceptional precision and adaptability, perfect for fine machining tasks.


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Modular Design

Quick and easy conversion for all your orbital milling applications.

User-friendly Programming Software

Our user-friendly programming software streamlines the process of creating CNC programs, making it accessible to operators of all skill levels.

Toolkit Included

Unlock added value with a manual and an inclusive toolkit, ensuring you have all the necessary equipment right out of the box.

Fast Delivery

We deliver your product as soon as possible, that's a promise!

Sygma™ Custom Product Development Services

At Sygma™, you’ve found the ideal destination for tailored product development. Our expert engineers meticulously identify your needs and specifications, conducting thorough analysis before crafting a product design that precisely aligns with your expectations.

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