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 Hydraulic Cylinders


Suitable for harsh environments.

Solution for durable and reliable hydraulic cylinders.

All Sygma™ Cylinders can be equipped with either a push-to-connect (male coupling half, AQU8) or a screw-to-connect (female coupling half, AQI24). Contact us to find the ideal cylinder for your specific application and requirements.

These Hydraulic Cylinders are versatile, suitable for pulling, pushing, and lifting tasks. Used globally in industries like engineering, automotive, mining, and petrochemical, they offer various strokes and capacities. We provide accessories and customize cylinders for flexible, cost-effective solutions, handling everything from precision work to lifting 500-ton bridge sections.

Quick coupling on all cylinders:

  • An AQU8 (male) quick coupling is normally mounted on all cylinders on delivery.
  • AQI24 quick coupling (female) can be equipped during manufacturing. In such cases shall a ’’P’’ be added to the product designation, e.g. CF104P.

The Cylinder Product Range:

Hard chromed pistons

For wear resistance and rust prevention.

Galvanized cylinders

  For enhanced corrosion resistance.

Mechanical stoppage

For controlled piston movement.

High-pressure capability

  For demanding applications.

Customizable options  

  For specific needs.  

Wide range 

  Range of stroke lengths and capacities.

Sygma™ Custom Product Development Services

At Sygma™, you’ve found the ideal destination for tailored product development. Our expert engineers meticulously identify your needs and specifications, conducting thorough analysis before crafting a product design that precisely aligns with your expectations.

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