​Single acting push cylinders Aluminium CFA

CFA push cylinders are all made of high-tensile aluminum providing an excellent service life in low cycle applications. They have an outstanding power to weight ratio – weighing approximately 50% less than steel cylinders. The cylinder tube and piston are hard anodised for extended protection against wear and corrosion. CFA push cylinders are delivered with a top lip and a protective bottom plate of steel, all to warrant proper function even if the base and lifting points are rough.

  • 24-95 ton capacity.
  • 100-200 mm stroke length.
  • Anodised cylinder and piston for increased wear and corrosion protection.


All Sygma cylinders can be provided with either a push-to-connect (male coupling half, AQU8) or a screw-to-connect (female coupling half, AQI24). Please contact us for further information.

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