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 MiniFacer Series


Setup in minutes, machining in seconds

Solution for manual flange facing

The MiniFacer Product range are powerful manual operated flange facers for machining, even the hardest to reach flanges in just minutes. The MiniFacer eliminates the need for heavy equipment compressors and other power sources. These easy to operate and compact handheld flange facers allow any technician to recondition RF/FF and other gasket seatings in situ according to ASME B16.5 standard.

Setup in minutes, machining in seconds by a single person. Achieving a seamless results every single time! The clamping and machining range allow the MiniFacer models to cover a wide range of flange types and ranges for various industries. In addition, the manual and cold machining features eliminate the need for countless permits.

Every MiniFacer is delivered in highly durable and easy to transport hard case which guarantees safe transportation and storage of the machines wherever needed.

The MiniFacer Product Range:

MiniFacer ONE

The Sygma™ MiniFacer ONE is the flagship model of the MiniFacer Series and was the first manual operated tool on the market to face different types and diameters of flanges with an internal clamp diameter between 1 to 10 inches.

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MiniFacer EVO

The Sygma™ MiniFacer EVO is the larger version of the MiniFacer ONE. Equipped with an adjustable base for increased precision and flexibility. This forms an essential asset in your machine fleet! With different internal clamping capacity.

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MiniFacer OD

The Sygma™ MiniFacer OD is the latest development in the manual flange facer range. It is the first outside clamping model within the MiniFacer Series of Sygma™ designed for even the confined spaces.

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MiniFacer SB

The Sygma™ MiniFacer SB has been specially developed to fit smaller flange bore sizes. The simplified claming system ensures that you have refaced flanges in no time. The internal clamp diameter is here between 0,53 to 1,18 inches.

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Modular Design

Quick and easy conversion for all your orbital milling applications.

Manually Operated

  The Minifacer is designed for effortless manual operation. Setup is quick and easy, taking just minutes, and allows a single person to complete machining tasks in seconds.

Toolkit Hardcase Included

Unlock added value with a manual and an inclusive toolkit, ensuring you have all the necessary equipment right out of the box.

Fast Delivery

We deliver your product as soon as possible, that's a promise!

Sygma™ Custom Product Development Services

At Sygma™, you’ve found the ideal destination for tailored product development. Our expert engineers meticulously identify your needs and specifications, conducting thorough analysis before crafting a product design that precisely aligns with your expectations.

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