​Two stage hydraulic hand pumps PHS

The Sygma two stage PHS hydraulic hand pumps come equipped with a pressure gauge as standard. The gauge provides the user with precise control over the pressure being developed. The gauge is directly mounted onto the pump and well protected by the specially designed pump lever. The two stage function makes the pump easier to operate, permitting the cylinder or hydraulic tool to reach its working position significantly faster compared with single stage pumps.

The pumps are robust and well suited for harsh environments and rough handling as found in workshops and other mobile and industrial environments.

  • Hydraulic return port is standard on all pumps.
  • Robust aluminium tank with low weight and simple oil filling.
  • Needle release valve ensures precise control over lowering operation.
  • Mounting holes for fixed installations and handle locking system for easy carrying.

Pumps with suffix LS201, LS250 and LS301 are complete kits with hose and couplings - ready to be used instantly.

Pressure gauges

  • For hydraulic hand pumps in the series PHS70-xxxx and PHS80-xxxx, the gauge 50777, Ø60 mm (2.4 in) display, is used.
  • For hydraulic hand pumps in the series PHS100-xxxx and PHS150-xxxx, the gauge TX104, Ø60 (2.4 in) mm display, is used.
  • Pumps whose designation ends with a W are delivered with a straight handle without pressure gauge.

Sygma is also offering gauges with a larger display of Ø100 mm (3.9 in) for pumps with a pressure rating of 150 MPa and above.

  • For pumps in the series PHS150-xxxxL, the gauge AMT151, Ø100 mm (3.9 in) display, is used.
  • For pumps in the series PHS240-xxxxL and PHS280-xxxxL, the gauge AMT301, Ø100 mm (3.9 in) display, is used.
  • For pumps in the series PHS300-xxxxL, the gauge AMT401, Ø100 mm (3.9 in) display, is used.

Sygma is also offering PHS hydraulic hand pumps without gauge. We can also provide an alternative design on the gauge display. Please contact us for further information. If additional gauge protection is required, please see our accesory Gauge protection.

* PHS200-1000L, PHS200-2400L, PHS240-2400L, PHS240-4100L, PHS280-2400L and PHS300-1000L are designed for ultra high pressures. All additional components and accessories need to be selected for use with ultra high pressures e.g. equipped with a conical sealing principle. The hydraulic pressure port connection interface on the PHS200-1000L, PHS200-2400L, PHS240-2400L, PHS240-4100L, PHS280-2400L and PHS300-1000L is a 9/16" - 18 UNF thread port with 60º internal cone. The pressure return connection is a G1/4" internal threaded port.

Note: The hydraulic pressure and return connections are G1/4" threaded ports.

Technical tip: When accessories are selected for a hydraulic system, the working pressure rating for these shall be equal to or higher than the pump unit,s maximum working pressure. For hoses we recommend a 3-4 fold safety margin between the hydraulic system's maximum operating pressure and the burst pressure of the hose. It is also important to ensure that the pump's effective oil volume exceeds the total volume of oil in the hydraulic system, preferably with a safety margin of about 20%.

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