​Electrical hydraulic pumps PME

Sygma's electrical hydraulic pumps are reliable, versatile and easy to use. The pumps are well suited for applications where a stationary pump unit is required. All electrical hydraulic pumps in the PME series have a two-stage operation with automatic switching between high and low pressure at 2 MPa - 6 MPa depending on the pump type. The low-pressure unit is a gear pump that gives a high flow up to the switching pressure. The high-pressure unit is a single or double-piston pump.

PME70-2030ADV and PME70-2030MRV are equipped with foot actuated pedal for on/off control. All other models have a start/stop switch placed on the motor.

PME70-2500MRV/VR70 is operated according to the hold-to-run principle. The pump starts when the remote control button is pushed, and stops with the pressure maintained when the button is released.

Valve alternatives

  • ADV - Automatic release valve. The oil returns to the tank when the motor is switched off. For crimping, cutting or press tools that are used in high-frequency applications. Not for lifting applications.
  • MRV - Manual release valve. Suitable when you want to maintain the pressure in the tool for an extended period and have a controlled release. Recommended for usage with tools for cable crimping or cutting.
  • VR70 - Built-in manual pressure control valve that allows setting of pressure between 0-70 MPa.
  • AP - Adapter plate. The pump has a connecting plate with G1/4" pressure and return ports.
  • MLS - With lever valve for single-acting tool/cylinder.
  • MLD - With lever valve for double-acting tool/cylinder.
  • SS - With solenoid valve for single-acting tool/cylinder (24 V DC). Remote control TRC230-24 or external input control is required.
  • SD - With solenoid valve for double-acting tool/cylinder (24 V DC). Remote control TRC230-24 or external input control is required.

Note: The hydraulic pressure and return connection interface on all PME-pumps are constituted by two G1/4” threaded ports.

Technical tip: To ensure complete operator safety at all times we recommend the fitting of a pressure gauge (AMT801) with gauge adaptor (AAM14) to this series of electrical hydraulic pumps.

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