Petrol hydraulic pumps PMP

Petrol hydraulic pumps with a high oil flow rate. Petrol hydraulic pumps are a good alternative when you need a mobile pump that does not require an external power source, for example on building sites or shipyards.

Motor: 1 cylinder, 4-stroke, 1,8 kW

MLS model is suitable for operation with single acting tool.

MLD model is suitable for operation with double acting tools.

  • Double-speed pumps with automatic switching between low and high pressure.
  • Supplied with protective frame and rubber feet.
  • Open design for effective cooling during operation.
  • Can be equipped with hose reel and other accessories.


For PMP pumps we recommend gauge AMT801. No adapter is needed, the gauge can be connected directly to the pump.

Attention! Quick couplings are not included with the pump. They must be ordered separately.

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