Partner succes story - Brunei

Partner succes story - Brunei

Product: Alpha 1-16
Location: Brunei- Steelmax-Asia Sdn Bhd

Big shoutout to our amazing business partner Steelmax-Asia Sdn Bhd from Brunei, one of the first Alpha-I 1-16 owners globally! They even trusted Sygma's team when the Alpha-I 1-16 was still just a concept!

General features 

Easy set-up and operation

Multiple motorisation


Multiple surface finishes

Integrated motor

Customisable options

Belgian quality

With our industry-leading Belgian engineering, we make the impossible possible.

Toolkit included

A toolkit and manual are included with your purchase.

Fast delivery.

We deliver your product as fast as possible, that's a promise!

Customise your product

Customising your product.
Do our standard configurations not meet your requirements or would you like some customisation? Then do not hesitate to contact the Sygma™ sales team or our representative to discuss the possibilities.

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Partner succes story - Brunei
Lenthy Gys 13 April 2023
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