​Single stage hydraulic hand pumps PH

Single stage hydraulic hand pumps in the PH series have a simple but functional design. Few moving parts and a built-in safety valve provide reliable performance. They are real workhorses that will give years of service. All pumps can be equipped with a pressure gauge so the user can monitor the discharge pressure.

Hydraulic hand pumps in the PH series are available with 70 or 80 MPa working pressure and with the choice of 600 or 1000 cm3 effective oil capacity. The pumps with 70 MPa working pressure can also be supplied with a pre-assembled 2 meter long hydraulic hose (LS201ES), swivel coupling (ASE10) and quick coupling (AQI7). The names of these kits are PH70A-600/LS201 and PH70A-1000/LS201 respectively.

  • High oil flow
  • Limited pump effort required
  • Aluminium oil reservoir
  • Cast iron pump housing
  • User friendly
  • Simple service
  • Robust and reliable

Technical tip: To ensure complete operator safety at all times we recommend the fitting of a pressure gauge (AMT801) with gauge adaptor (AVM204) to this series of hand pumps.

Note: The hydraulic connection interface on all PH hydraulic hand pumps is a G1/4" threaded port.

Technical tip: When accessories are selected for a hydraulic system, the working pressure rating for these shall be equal to or higher than the pump unit's maximum working pressure. For hoses we recommend a 3-4 fold safety margin between the hydraulic system's maximum operating pressure and the burst pressure of the hose. It is also important to ensure that the pump's effective oil volume exceeds the total volume of oil in the hydraulic system, preferably with a safety margin of about 20%.

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