Air hydraulic pumps PPxx-2500

The PPxx-2500 air hydraulic pump series incorporates the following features:

  • FP, RC and MRV models have built in release valve that return oil to the tank.
  • Safe, internal overflow and integrated safety valve.
  • High oil-flow, sight level glass and robust aluminium design.
  • All Air hydraulic pumps are equipped with silencers.
  • The product designations that end with "/LS201" are complete kits, which in addition to the pump, also is supplied with a pre-mounted 2 m (78 in) hydraulic hose (LS201ES) and quick coupling (AQI7).

Designed to be powered by 6,5 to 10 bar air pressure, the PPxx-2500 ensures a trouble free and ergonomic way of generating hydraulic pressure. The air hydraulic pumps are suitable for stationary use in workshops and many other industrial applications.

Valve alternatives

  • FP - with foot pedal for controlling start/stop and releasing.
  • RC - with 2,5 m remote control. Pump is controlled by two buttons on the control unit (start/stop and release).
  • MLD - with lever control valve for double acting hydraulic operation.
  • MRV - with ports for pressure and return connections. Lever valve for manual release. For use with tools that have their own valve or with a separate external valve.


For PP70-2500RC/MLD/MRV air hydraulic pumps we recommend gauge AMT801. No adapter is needed as the gauge can be connected directly to the pump.

For PP70-2500FP air hydraulic pumps, we recommend gauge AMT801 and gauge adapter ATM214 for attaching the gauge to the pump.


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