Single acting hollow cylinders aluminium CHFA

CHFA-series push cylinders are all made of high-tensile aluminum providing an excellent service life in low cycle applications. They have an outstanding power to weight ratio – weighing approximately 50% less than steel cylinders. The center hole design allows the cylinder to be used for both push and pulling operations.

  • 13-103 ton capacity and 51-153 mm stroke length.
  • By inserting a rod through the cylinder, the compression force can also be used for pulling operations.

CHF = Single acting steel hollow bore cylinders with spring return


All Sygma cylinders can be provided with either a push-to-connect (male coupling half, AQU8) or a screw-to-connect (female coupling half, AQI24). Please contact us for further information.

Note! The Sygma range of aluminium cylinders are designed to be used in intermittent and in low-cycle applications such as normal maintenance and lifting operations. These aluminium cylinders are designed to provide a lifetime of at least 5,000 cycles and therefore should NOT be used in high-cycle operations like production lines etc. Use of these push cylinders beyond their rated life can lead to sudden failure without warning and could cause property damage, injury, or death.

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