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In 2020, Sygma™ was founded with a rebellious spirit to set a new standard in the industry with innovative and pioneering portable machines and bolting solutions.

We strive to help our customers provide problem solutions and minimise downtime. We strive to develop and improve the way machining and bolting operations are performed on site, with a focus on modularity that enables versatility and flexibility and disrupts the industry. 

As a Belgian company, we pride ourselves on the hands-on mentality and expertise of our engineers who want to make the impossible possible! 


Sygma™ aims to make the most versatile and reliable tools the industry has ever seen (without breaking the bank).
We aim to develop and improve the way machining and bolting is done on site at fair prices. Sygma™ is right behind you!
What makes Sygma™ different?

Based on years of practical experience, we aim to fill the quality gap by bringing to the market an optimised, improved product born of our own experience.

We distinguish ourselves not only by our products, but also by our service. We are able to supply spare parts within a tight schedule to avoid downtime at all times! 

Because of our passion for bolting and on-site machining, we are constantly looking for new, time-saving applications. These applications are then translated into an optimised product.  We ensure high-grade quality materials with a top-quality finish.

You have come to the right place at Sygma™ to develop a customised product. Our highly trained engineers will identify all your needs and requirements and then, after a thorough analysis, proceed to a product design that perfectly meets your expectations.

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